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Data scientist NLP (H/F) confirmé pour Regtech ambitieuse

The R&D group

Our goal is to put into place cutting edge techniques in NLP for the specific application of financial text analysis. To do so, we are in close relationship with well known universities in Paris and UK. We frequently go to the relevant conferences in the field and participate in academic challenges. Our group is very international. The common language is either English or French.



The candidate will join a group that is mostly focused on semantic text analysis. We use machine learning on top of word embedding representations with dependency parsing, POS tagging and synthatic analysis. The goal is to solve problems inbetween slot filling tasks, entity linking and knowledge based creation. Therefore the techniques may vary depending on the exact information to extract.


The position


We are looking for a highly independent, collaborative and motivated person with previous experience in the field (phd in NLP or +5 years of experience in NLP projects). The role of the candidate is to take ownership of a part of the project from start to deployment, which means:


  • define the subtasks to solve
  • get data for validation/traninig for such tasks: get a big set of relevant text and define a Mechanical Turk task, or with any other crowdsourcing company. Define a protocol for cleaning and validation of these tags
  • define the architecture of the solution: how the solutions to each task get coordinated,in a way that is not too time/resource consuming
  • define a way of numerically obtain the performance of the complete solution
  • deploy the solution so it can be tested

Depending on the profile, the person will be in charge of a group of 1-2 junior data scientists to develop the project.



The candidate should know at least the following:

  • NLP: neural word embeddings, Name entity recognition (NER), text splitting into sentences,
  • Machine learning: lstm, cnn, knn, spectral clustering, PCA
  • Project management: previous use of project management tools such as Jira, trello, etc. Also git version control for the code.
  • Programming: python (sklearn, keras)

Nice to know:

  • NLP: relation extraction, multi-lingual word embeddings, sentence embeddings, automatic text summarisation, text generation,
  • Machine learning: auto-encoders, generative models, recommandation systems, reinforcement learning, planning
  • Project management: definition of unit testing for ML code
  • Programming: tensorflow, theano

Description société

Fortia Financial Solutions est une RegTech, éditeur de logiciels de gestion des conformités bancaires, financières et assurantielles.
Notre société se distingue par l'utilisation de technologies disruptives telles le machine learning ou le deep learning pour automatiser totalement les processus de conformité.
Finance et nouvelles technologies sont donc fortement imbriqués.

Nos solutions, développées au sein de notre pôle R&D, sont le fruit de la collaboration entre équipes techniques de data scientists, ingénieur d'études, business analysts et la team commerciale/marketing.

Nous sommes en phase 2 de développement et comptons déjà parmi nos clients des grands comptes tels la BNP Securities Services.

D'après un récent classement, nous sommes une des 100 Regtech les plus innovantes du secteur que toutes les institutions financières doivent connaître en 2018.

Pourquoi Fortia Financial Solutions ?

Une dimension internationale de votre travail (échanges avec des collaborateurs, des clients étrangers).
Une plate-forme répondant à des exigences techniques très avancées.
Un travail orienté vers l'interactivité avec les collaborateurs de toutes les équipes, Développeurs, Data Scientists, Experts Data.
Un environnement intellectuellement stimulant.
Une culture d'entreprise basée sur le partage, la convivialité et l'innovation...

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