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R&DDS-14-08; Software Development Engineer - Payment (R&D-RDM-RPT-PAY) (H/F)

Réf.: 4744 15663590

Business environment


The RDM-RPT-PAY department is focused on Travel Payment!

This is a growing department/area handling development and PDF activities for all the back-end part around payment. The department is working in close relationship with the NBU product management and provides solutions to airlines, travel agents and beyond (airports...) all over the world. This department is aimed at being located in Nice, Bangalore, Boston, Madrid and Bogota in 2014.


As such the Amadeus Payment Server is a large scale open back end that is very critical and connected to numerous external systems (Payment Service Providers like paypal, Visa...) and used by many Amadeus applications/front ends (ARD, ERetail, SellConnect, EPower, TripConcierge, Ticketing) via services or payment pages.

As such we have many contacts with all R&D organizations but as well product management and global ops (This Open Back-End is monitored in details via ABM for example).


The main competition is Payment Service Providers that don't have Travel Knowledge.


We have many, many projects on-going and therefore work more and more in agile (SCRUM, Kanban) and look at flexible framework and technologies (like MongoDB, JSON,...). We need experienced people able to propose technical and functional solutions, looking at the big picture and to handle a full project by themselves with reporting, risks, coordination with all the entities (R&D, Global OPS, Product Management).


A non-exhaustive list of on-going projects below:

- Providing EMV payment solutions (with physical card reader devices using your PIN)

- Providing analytics/BI tools for our customers

- Integration in mobile applications like TripConcierge

- Flexible/seamless integration of many new form of payments (Paypal, Virtual credit cards,..)

- Providing fraud screening engine (to detect if a CC or Method Of Payment is a stolen one)

- Providing PCI/DSS solutions for airlines, travel agencies...

- Providing virtual credit cards to travel agents or corporations

- Providing dynamic currency converter tools

- Integrating more and more PSP to increase the global coverage



The candidate will be part of a payment development team and will analyze user needs, design, code, test, debug, document and maintain software solutions in C++ mainly. He will work with the other development and product development analyst teams of the department in an agile way and will then probably have to coordinate.

There will be room for propositions/innovations and the candidate will learn a lot on the payment industry for travel.


Key accountabilities


Define user requirements for development of new or improvement of existing software solutions.

Design technical solutions and perform feasibility studies.

Propose viable technical solutions to Product Management and/or users for validation.

Model, design and implement databases as necessary.

Develop software according to Amadeus Standards.

Conduct unit, package and performance tests of the software and ensure a level of quality in line with the Amadeus guidelines.

Participate in the validation / acceptance phase of the product cycle ensuring the fine-tuning necessary to finalise the product.

Produce software documentation necessary for the application and issue it to the requesting departments.

Support the end user in the Production phase by debugging existing software solutions in response to Problem Tracking Records (PTR) and Change Requests (CR) issued from Product Management or Product Development Analyst.



Profil recherché :


Technical Skills

- Unix/Linux

- Design Patterns

- C++/Java/Object Oriented languages

- XML/Edifact/JSON

- SQL/Oracle/NoSQL Databases


- Webservices

- Distributed environments

- Python


Personal Skills

- Multicultural approach

- Accountability and proactivity

- Change management and flexibility

- Customer focus

- Analytical and conceptual thinking

- Adaptability to fast changing business and technical environment

- Taste for challenges

- Personal motivation

- Communication

- Information gathering

- Innovation, industry and business expertise


Years of experience

- 3-5 years as software developer on large scale system or in the payment area



- University degree in Compùter Science or related field, or equivalent work experience

- English

Description société

Amadeus est le leader mondial des solutions de traitement des réservations pour l'industrie du voyage. Les prestataires de voyage (compagnies traditionnelles et à bas prix, hôteliers, croisiéristes, compagnies ferroviaires, de ferry, de location de voitures et tour-opérateurs) et agences de voyages (en ligne et hors ligne) bénéficient de notre puissance de traitement des transactions et de nos solutions technologiques.

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